A half-sister who is not my half-sister

I did not know about it until 2021.

After I saw her husband on Interstate 90 and one of her twin boys in Niles Illinois, my long-held belief about my kinship of her took a sharp turn. 

Although I have never met her family and her since my high school days, I have seen pictures of them online.

The fact that my father and his wife were seen on March 29, 2021 at Bunker Hills Park close to Niles, Illinois, with two suspicious-looking individuals I recognize only served to deepen my doubts.

She was born before my two sisters and I came to the US in November 1975, right around Thanksgiving.

She may have been one or two years old at the time, a toddler. Despite the fact that I have not spoken to or seen her since my high school days in Lake Zurich, I have never questioned that she shares my father's lineage with us all.

March 29, 2021, changed everything. Once I recognized what my own father and his wife were trying to do at Bunker Hills Park with two very dubious individuals (one Caucasian man in 40 and one Korean woman in 50), I realized I had been duped all my life by these two individuals, my own father and his wife.

Even though I spent the majority of my childhood with him, even after my mother passed away in 1966, we never really developed a father-son bond. And that had to do with this woman, his current wife, and her family. I have known her since 1966 in Seoul, Korea.

My two sisters shared even less or no time at all with him because they were sent to live with my paternal grandparents in countryside after my mother passed away in 1966.

I received those preferential treatments only due to the fact that I was our ancestral family's designated male successor by birth. I had to stay in Seoul in order to receive the best education the nation can offer.

The importance of my education was the paramount concern of my grandparents even after my mother passed away. As they have placed so much family fortune and its future on my father, they did the same on me.

I only have two younger biological sisters who came to the US same time in 1975.

The third sister, whom I met and shared a home in the United States with for approximately three years (1975-1978), may not even be a half-sister biologically.

She shared no blood relationship with me or with us, my two sisters. I have nothing against adopted children. They have every right as biological children. But a problem occurs when one of their parents or stepparents unrightfully or unlawfully attacks their stepchildren to the point of complete destruction by employing their power, wealth, and connections. 

From the very beginning, as early as 1980, she probably knew that I was not the half-brother in their eyes for those of her and her family.

The only difference is that, while she and her family may have known for a long time—almost a half century—that I am not her half-brother, I did not know until only a few short years ago. I always had that brotherly kinship of hers in my heart until March 2021. 

She and her mother were the whole reason why our family was destroyed, even from Korea, believing she was my father's biological daughter.

She is not my biological half-sister, so our whole family—my grandparents, my two sisters, and me—has been scammed and destroyed by this one individual, her mother. I am very sure there are many people who got duped by this individual, but no one lost more than my mother, me, and my two sisters because of her.

I vanished almost all my adult life from their lives to protect their peace and prosperity. All that for nothing. Our family had suffered so much because of her, her lies, and her willingness to destroy anyone on her path to get her own selfish desires. My mother's death may have had to do a lot with her.

Really, the only true victims are my mother, my grandmother, and my grandfather. My grandparents died believing she was my half-sister.

No one knew about this; at least I did not know about it until 2021. There is no physical proof, but I know that she duped so many people, including me. I am quite confident that I know who her daughter's biological father is. And I believe that there are a few attackers in Korea and in the US who are related to this person, even though he may not know it himself.

At least, I know now she is not related to me in anyway biologically, but my grandparents believed that she was and they did the same thing I did for the last half-century.

I am so angry with her family, her mother, their extended families of relatives, business associates and my father for trying to destroy me so insidiously for many years.

They put me through so many emotional, reputational, and financial setbacks in the process of destroying me for many years.

And now I find this online, this just incense me to the point of unforgiveness for all those who were involved in attempts to destroy me by disinformation attacking my personal and professional reputation and what they have done to me as results.

This "will" online dumps all their guilt on us. In it, he is saying that we are the ones at fault for not keeping contact with his family. He is probably oblivious to how he and his current wife treated us all these years. 

I had great respect for my father in the past, when I was a kid and a young man. But I lost such respect a long time ago. 

85,000 Migrant Children Lost In America

 "Border patrol agents say that they are using tax dollars to send CHILDREN into known prostitution rings and sweat shops."

"Over 85,000 migrant children are “MISSING” since 2023."

This figure only talks about 2023. No one knows how many kids were gone missing or even dead.

This is a sickening story.

And I believe that these migrant children are not only from Central America and South America but from every corner of the world. There are international crime cartels that specialize in the human trafficking of children and young adults.

I always wondered about all these kids LGBTQ couples adopt. Where are these kids coming from?

What happened to these adoptee children of LGBTQ married couples when these LGBTQ couples' relationships soured and their relationships broke up?

 It's a well-known fact that, on average, homosexual couples' marriages break more frequently than heterosexual marriages. And even worse, homosexual marriages break up more acrimoniously than heterosexual marriages. 

That's totally understandable considering that many heterosexual marriages involve their own biological children. And their divorced parents still care about their biological children after their divorces.

Can you say the same things about these kids adopted by gay or lesbian parents?

I have seen so many kids with their gay parents in media. 

What happened to these adopted children of LGBTQ couples?

MIIC (Military-Industrial-Intelligence-Congressional) Complex

I found an article that shared my innermost concern for the well-being of humanity. The article describes exactly what is really wrong with the world and how our humanity is headed for complete self-destruction and annihilation, if not living in the perpetual hells of our own creations.


"When a bomb explodes, someone profits. And when someone profits, bombs claim more unseen victims. Every dollar spent on a bomb is a dollar not spent saving a life from a preventable death, a dollar not spent curing cancer, a dollar not spent educating children. That’s why, so long ago, retired five-star general and President Dwight D. Eisenhower rightly called spending on bombs and all things military a “theft.”"

"The perpetrator of that theft is perhaps the world’s most overlooked destructive force. It looms unnoticed behind so many major problems in the United States and the world today. Eisenhower famously warned Americans about it in his 1961 farewell address, calling it for the first time “the military-industrial complex,” or the MIC."

In a larger sense, I was targeted and attacked by fringe international elements of this same MIIC complex, internationally roaming dual national criminal RICO gangs, for the last seven years.

If you ever find time to read all my blog articles about institutional terrorists—RICO gangs—and international crime cartels, who have been attacking me for the past seven years, you will notice how extensive, pervasive, and widespread these MIIC elements are affecting our daily lives.

Following are my encounters with these fringe elements of the MIIC Complex.






What kind of monster would kill his wife in front of their son?

When he was hitting his wife's head with a cat toy made of metal pipe so hard many times, she pleaded with her son to call the police, but he ordered his son to go to his room and lock the door. But the real cause of death was strangulation and calling 119 (the Korean version of 911) too late, almost after one hour. He called his father first, and he waited until his father and his lawyer arrived, and they were the ones who called the police.

This murder occurred in December of last year, but I only saw an article about it very recently over the internet.

He is reported to be a product of American colleges (Whitworth University, USC, University of Arizona) and UCLA Law School, very well-educated, and around the early 50s in age. He was employed by the nation's most prestigious law firm, Kim & Chang.

He worked as an international law attorney in Korea, so he could very well be an American bar-licensed attorney.

There were no newscasts broadcast; at least I did not hear anything about it. I do not believe many people in the country know about the crime. 

Following are internet links to the crime and court hearings. 






Since they are in all Korean, you may have to use Google Translate, even though I often see it translate very crudely and incorrectly.

But what got me really interested was that his surname is Hyun (현), 현우영, and his father, 현경대, was a 5th term elected congressman of the Korean Assembly and a Retired Elder (은퇴 장로) of the Youngnak Church 영락교회, the world's largest Presbyterian Church. Since the Presbyterian Church is the largest Christian denomination among Koreans in Korea and the US, this makes the Youngnak Church the largest church for Koreans.

And he was the Vice Chairman (the Chairmanship is always held by the President of Korea) of the Peaceful Unification Advisory Council (PUAC) 민주평화통일 자문회의, under President Park Geun Hye, 2013–2016. 

And there are its members all over the world including the United States. I am very sure several of my adversaries, antagonizers, and alumni of Kyeongbok (경복) High School in Korea and the United States are members of this public quasi-governmental organization.

Why am I zeroing in on him in particular? Because he represents 0.01% of the country's population, the privileged class. And these individuals with the same privileged class, represented by strong Political-Conglormerate (Chaebeol) family ties through marriages, have been behind the attacks on me for the past seven years.

I have never met these two individuals, but I think I may know them quite well, looking at their family-educational-political-religious-professional backgrounds and their power networks that may stretch from Korea to the US or vice versa from the United States to Korea. There are some unique features and backgrounds I can recognize among these closely knitted, hidden, and privileged power structures that have controlled Korea ever since 1960s. Even though I am the outsider looking in, I have my own unique personal and professional background and life experience that only a few Koreans or Korean Americans possess. 

All those institutional terrorists of labor unions, governments, law enforcement, first responders, banks, credit unions, multi-national corporations, MIIC (military-industrial-intelligence-congressional) complex, nonprofit NGOs, churches, temples, synagogues, tabernacles, death cults, doctors, attorneys, CPAs, insurance brokers, realtors, lobbyists, and quasi-governmental public utility corporations who have stalked me, harassed me, and consequently tried to destroy me in both the United States and Korea are their hires, ones that are taking their bidding.

My family (my mother and my grandmother) has been destroyed by these individuals.  And I was targeted for destruction to finish the job.

It's just so amazing how all these disparate things and attacks involving a half dozen multi-ethnic, LGBTQ, and institutional terrorist RICO gangs all seemed to fit themselves to prove my suspicion of the late after 2021 is in fact correct.

And why do I point out LGBTQ in particular? Because many LGBTQ people have been attacking me for the past seven years. I have absolutely no idea why there were so many LGBTQ people in RICO gangs who were attacking me. I can only surmise that their sexual orientations make them easier targets for blackmailing and extortions by the real hard-core criminals of international crime cartels and political power-networked financial globalists, religious fanatics, and political anarchists who funded and ordered my destruction. 

I have worked with many LGBTQs throughout my career, and I have no problem with them until they start infringing on my personal space.

Institutional terrorists, RICO gangs and international crime cartel members

Hey scumbags, Do you think I have forgotten about you just because I do not dwell on unpleasant subjects like you and a bunch of your low-life criminal psychopath compadres anymore?

I have not, and I will not forget about you. How could I, after all the things you have done for me?

However, I decided I would set your low-life scumbags aside and let your crimes catch up on you on their own. Considering the lack of financial resources and investigative headwinds I had to face due to criminal rogue law enforcers and their co-conspirators, institutional terrorists, I think I have done enough to deplore legitimate law enforcement, the US Attorneys, to look into the crimes that may have occurred against me since December 2017 and many others who are targeted like me.

If they, the US Attorneys and Korean equivalents, haven't done anything, then there is nothing I can do about that.

You may think you are getting away with destroying our lives and many others, but you are not. I believe in Karma, and Karma will catch up on you in such a mysterious way.

You will find yourself on your own to pay for your evil deeds soon or later.

I won't dwell on your scumbags like I did in the past. You are all worth nothing to me to waste my valuable time and energy.

But I am always ready to fight you all scumbags anytime for the sake of humanity as a whole in general if an opportunity is present. 

I truly believed that the fewer scumbags like you there are, the better this world would be.

In the meantime, I would like to remind you, low-life scumbags, that the 20 years in slammer, the forfeiture of all your ill-gotten wealth, and the treble damage civil lawsuits from all your victims and their families are awaiting you once you get caught and prosecuted.

And think about how your loved ones, your sons, your daughters, and their children would think about you when they found out how awful low life scumbags you were in real life. 

That alone should be karma enough for many of you.

Targeted Individuals *

<Repost with revision from original post of 5/23/2021 ej-rim.blogspot.com>

Targeted individuals are people chosen or contracted for physical and electronic stalking, harassment, sabotage, eavesdropping, mobbing in the neighborhood, workplace, and while driving, and threats of bodily injuries and murder.

People are targeted for retaliation by using criminal entrapment frauds to destroy their personal and professional reputations, as well as their economic livelihoods, often perpetrated by institutional terrorists (law enforcement, first responders).

Institutional terrorists are also RICO gangs that are made up of former or current members of institutions such as banks, credit unions, labor unions, institutions in law, medicine, nursing, NGOs, churches, and government agencies.

Then why do people become targeted individuals?

For many reasons but mainly for two reasons:

One is retaliation. Personal and corporate retaliations are the primary reason of targeting targeted individuals.

Corporate, personal (nationality, ethnicity, religion, political, military), and family vendettas can all be attributed to this reason.

The second most prevalent reason is profitability.

Targeted people are usually old, retired, and isolated, but they have considerable assets, including paid-off houses, bank accounts, and investments. Targeted individuals are often targeted for life insurance, wills and estate administration fraud via premeditated murder and getting rid of potential competing beneficiaries for various reasons.

These institutional terrorists often target isolated individuals, particularly those who are living alone, have mobility issues, or are living in communities where the targeted individual's race or ethnicity is in an extreme minority.

Targeted individuals like these are destroyed without any traces or criminal evidence pointing to institutional terrorists.

Their main weapons for attacking isolated targeted individuals are financial and criminal entrapment frauds using these institutional terrorists' well-accumulated targeted individuals' personal, medical, and ID information.

These institutional terrorists have the most intimate personal information of targeted individuals: family history, family make-up, relatives, friends, co-workers, and other useful personal information acquired from many different sources, including the targeted individual's own old family acquaintances, friends, neighbors, co-workers, or their networks of law enforcement, intelligence, first responders, and international criminal cartel members.

These illegally acquired personal information allows institutional terrorists to commit sophisticated criminal frauds of entrapment to defraud and destroy their targeted individuals.

Physical and electronic stalking, surveillance, harassment, sabotaging, eavesdropping, and hacking are carried out by these criminals 24/7/365, making a targeted individual's daily life almost unbearable.

Targeted individuals are constantly forced to make unsound financial and life-supporting decisions by these institutional terrorists due to constant harassment such as hacking, transactional sabotages, eavesdropping, organized institutional, often cross-agencies stalking, harassment, and entrapment criminal frauds.

These criminals often lead their targeted individuals to death spiral literally, causing medical problems from the stress of being subjected to 24/7/365 harassment, stalking and sabotage, often requiring them hospitalizations, and eventually to their death beds immobilized.

Using real-time computer and cell phone interruptions, manipulations, text message alteration, the-man-in-the-middle attack to illegally eavesdropping, track physical GPS locations to lay traps, and hijacking, reading, stealing, re-routing, manipulating, inserting, replacing, and synchronizing re-delivery of USPS mail, these institutional terrorists completely take over targeted individuals' communication links to the outside.

These criminals can re-route calls to impersonators to further sabotage financial transactions, frustrate targeted individuals and use information gathered to plan elaborate fraud schemes with other fraud experts.

Rich and powerful individuals often hire and use domestic institutional terrorists who are made up of rogue or criminal law enforcement, trade unions, and religion-related NGO members.

These terror sponsors often hire on-site local handlers, domestic institutional terrorists of former or current law enforcement professionals to do all the dirty works such as hiring, paying, leading daily stalking harassment activities.

The handlers provide the real perpetrators, the sponsors, who order and fund (often through intangible incentives, i.e., promotions, attractive job offers) these contract-hit jobs with deniability if their crimes become exposed.

If there are to be any investigations into these attackers who have continuously harassed and attacked me, laying deadly traps to snare me to injury and death for the past seven years, you will find many of these attackers and their sponsors were in the business of insurance and other insurance-related professions that deal with insurance claims, investigation, negotiation, and litigation.

In my case, I believe my corporate and personal enemies are the same. I do not mean to say that they are the same individuals who are my corporate and personal enemies, but they are related—in-laws, childhood friends, family friends, alumni, former co-workers, former business clients, same church members, and other close business and personal relationships.

This is why I believed these attacks were planned well before December 8, 2017. I believe these attacks were planned around 1993, all the way through my last employment in 2016 as an accountant. Employees of my former employers knew my personal enemies—those who tried to destroy me for all my life—and together they planned to destroy me in the most insidious and hidden ways to frame me as a fall guy via criminal or financial entrapment frauds, so they both benefit from my downfall.

They had to just watch me all along, waiting for just the right moment to attack me, finish the job, without anyone ever finding out who they are.

Politically Power Networked Institutional Terrorists *

I was the designated scapegoat and set up from the get-go to be the fall guy for many groups of my enemies — corporate, personal, and religious including death cult gangs, ethnic gangs, and white supremacist gangs of hate crimes.

They are so upset that I foiled their plans to scapegoat me. So they contracted their buddies in high places in governments, especially in law enforcement and first responders, to entrap me with criminal frauds to lock me up, drive me to insanity, and injure and murder me in the most insidious, sadist, and heinous way possible so that my personal and professional reputation were permanently destroyed by employing individuals close to me and my wife—friends, family acquaintances, co-workers, and neighbors.

But I have succeeded in foiling their attempts to frame me for their wrongdoings and crimes or to protect their status quo of keeping their power and influence by getting rid of me in the most dishonorable fashion until now, but the fight hasn't finished and it is still going on. 

For the last seven years and still today (December 8, 2017–present), I have always looked out for institutional terrorists and their criminal fraud schemes of ever more ingeniously evolving sophistication.

Because of their constant barrage of ever more ingenious ways to destroy me 24/7/365 for the past seven years, I became a sort of expert because of my own experience and observation on these criminal matters: insurance frauds, domestic institutional terrorism, the RICO, death cults, all those criminal acts against the defenseless population—babies, children, minors, (mentally) handicapped, elders—I mentioned throughout my blogs, and international crime cartels involving (former) military and civil service members and government employees involving institutional terrorists (law enforcement and first responders), drug traffickers, and human traffickers. 

I will tell you that I am now much more prepared to fight these hidden, pernicious, deep-pocked, professional, internationally roaming criminals and put them in appropriate fear that they have a lot to lose when they get caught: 20 years in slammer, forfeiture of all their ill-gotten assets and additional penalties and interests, and treble damage civil suits from all their previous victims and their families. 

Now I know there have been at least a half-dozen or more RICO gangs that have been involved in attacking me for the past seven years. And they all seemed to be connected to, or at least aware of, the presence of other RICO gangs attacking me. There were interstate-international inter-agencies based on expertise sharing, RICO gang coordination, and cooperation in attacking me via criminal members traversing among these RICO gangs.

These appear to be multifaceted attacks involving many different professions, especially ones I deal with almost every day, so to ensure that I get constantly stalked and harassed around the clock for the past seven years,. 

I do not go to law enforcement for these attacks unless there are immediate physical threats and proof of such threats because I truly believed that they are the ones, bad, criminal cops, who contact and control local gangs who have attacked me for the past seven years.

And without physical proof of damages or proof of crimes by US Attorney's investigation and prosecution of these criminals, I can't really bring all these individuals by names to law enforcement or to court. 

The exact people who were supposedly catching these criminals actually attacked me instead. So that presents enormous problems in fighting these criminals on my part. 

There were numerous instances where these law enforcers became criminal fraud enablers, by actively aiding and abetting in criminal fraud schemes for these criminals by surveilling, eavesdropping, stalking, or harassing me for the past seven years.

Remember, these are politically powerful and connected mega-millionaires who have sponsored terror campaigns against me for the past seven years. I suspected they were extremely well connected to both countries' law enforcement apparatuses. 

So these street-level gangs who attacked me showed no fear of prosecution while at the same time they were getting paid in some form of compensation for their time and efforts. 

This was very obvious during the COVID-19 (2019–2022) era. I actually believed that I provided them with the work they (labor union members, corporate and nonprofit NGOs employees) desperately needed during that time. I am very sure there were a few who got paid very well, tangibly (free rent, free car, real estate) or intangibly (attractive jobs and promotions), for taking charge of coordinating the attacks on me.

And I hope that in the not-distant future, there will be a US District Attorney who is not afraid to take on these powerful RICO gangsters and bring justice for the good of all Americans.

I am doing my best to expose these RICO criminals, institutional terrorists, to the public and save many potential victims who could be targeted for destruction like myself.

But the fight is not over. 

I may have to fight these criminals until the day I die. Even though I do not see them every day as I did in the past and they appear to be lying low these days, I know they are watching me around the clock to find the right point and the right time of attack me again if an opportunity is present. I am watching out for these criminals every day and making note of them and any suspicious activities. 

A half-sister who is not my half-sister

I did not know about it until 2021. After I saw her husband on Interstate 90 and one of her twin boys in Niles Illinois, my long-held belief...